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Welcome to! This site is a collection of resources for riders of Beta RR 4T Enduro motorcycles. Although it's mostly oriented towards riders in the U.S. and Canada, anybody is welcome to submit information.

NEW! Discussion Forum

Thanks to Ken Ingham, Beta owners now have a forum to discuss all things Beta-related. Check it out at! We try to keep this page somewhat up-to-date, but for the latest happenings, cool farkles and information, the forum is the place to go.

WARNING: 05 Beta 525 Intermediate Gear Failure!

Attention '05 Beta 525 Owners! Your Beta is at risk of an intermediate gear failure. There is a known design flaw in the '05 and earlier KTM 525 RFS motors related to excessive back torque that causes the intermediate gear to fail. Often this failure will just result in an inability to start the bike with the e-start, but gear debris in the motor may cause other damage. The '06 RFS motors solve this problem with a back-torque limiting gear - see the '05 Gear Fix page for details on this upgrade. needs you!

We need your articles, your pictures, your products, and your tips! If you have a product for the Beta RR4T, know of some new part compatabilities, or just have a great story about riding your Beta, we'd like to publish it! Send an email to submissions at with your story or tip and we'll put it up here. Thanks!