The Beta RR 4T Enduro information source

Radiator rub
There have been some reports of the left radiator rubbing against the header pipe. A 7/16" washer to space the radiator out a little farther is supposed to cure this, but as always your mileage may vary.

Chassis greasing
The Betas generally seem to have been well-assembled, but we have noticed a possible lack of grease in the rear linkage on some bikes. It is recommended that you take apart the rear linkage and re-grease to be sure. We like Silkolene RG-2 general-purpose grease for this.

Adjustments for tall people
For tall people, the Beta pegs are a little high and the bars are a little low. All the normal KTM farkles will fit, so adjust to taste using lowboy footpegs and bar risers as needed. Dave is 6'2" and thought 30mm of bar risers made a huge comfort difference when standing a lot.

Seat adjustments
The seat on the Beta is closer to a fiendish wedgie torture machine than anything that was actually designed to be sat upon. The official Beta "tall" seat adds about 1" of height and is more comfortable, but still isn't what you'd call plush. There has been word that both Guts Racing and Enduro Engineering are coming out with seats, with the Guts seat arriving first, but this isn't confirmed. Call them and find out!

Suspension modifications
The Beta Enduros (at least in 2005) came from the factory with a very stiff setup. The Marzocchi forks have great action, but they might be a little hard for woods riding unless you're a really big guy. Mark is about 190lbs and rides ridiculously tight trails; LT Racing tuned his suspension with excellent results.

Luggage racks for the Beta are a DIY affair and we don't have one to show yet.